Inside Scoop: Admissions by the Numbers

What do you get when you draw names out of a hat?  

Wonderful and wacky Child’s Play families! That’s right, the process is old-school and low-tech, with families picked at random for admission. Because of that, we have amassed quite a motley crew just by luck of the draw!

Here’s a look at Child’s Play 2015-2016 admissions by the numbers:

The number of duty days completed so far by the Zumstein family, who has the current longest consecutive attendance streak at Child’s Play.  That’s 3 kids, 7 years, and counting…  Next time you see them, give Justin and Erin a high five for their many years of service and commitment to our school! 

The number of years our 4 wonderful and dedicated teachers have been collectively working at Child’s Play. Amazing. 


The number of Child’s Play families and teachers who work together toward a common goal--in a world where kindergarten is the new first grade, and preschool is threatening to become the new kindergarten, we as a community have put a collective foot down, and strive to create a school culture that values play and the learning opportunities that come from it.

The number of different zip codes from which our current families hail.  This year, we have families from as close as neighboring Waterman Street and as far away as Australia!

The number of sets of siblings currently attending our school

The number of different languages that are spoken fluently by at least one child in our school (Chinese, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, and English.) 

The number of “grandchildren” Child’s Play currently has in attendance.  This year, we welcomed preschooler August, whose mom, Annie, was a student in the original class of Child’s Play back in 1979.

Contributed by: Angela Simpson, Director of Admissions 2016-12017