Welcome to the Pre School Class from Mona & Karen

Hello and Welcome to the Preschool Class!

Summer – a span of just over two and a half months…but a span of a few months brings big changes in children.  It happens right before our eyes but sometimes we don’t even notice because it may be so subtle or we’re so busy with day to day life.  And we wonder – wow, when did he/she learn that?  I do that all the time with my grandchildren – it amazes me how much they’ve grown and changed and learned each time I see them.  Well at Child’s Play that is our job– to observe and notice those “little things” in the day to day and help them move on to the bigger things.  To take them from stacking blocks to building incredible structures; to take them from watching things happen to making predictions and observations about what will happen; from scribbles to meaningful marks on the paper; from playing alone to working and playing with others; from being ego-centric to helping them see things from another’s point of view.  When it looks like everyone is “just playing” around the room we are watching, observing and making notes of where they are so we can help them move forward and planning activities, etc. that will help get them there.  We ask questions, model behavior or language; join in their play to bring them to the next level.  And sometimes it is done in ways that might not even be apparent to an observer in the business of the day to day….it all looks like great fun and “just play”.  To help us in our task we carefully read the teacher information forms you completed to learn about your child, to get to know a little bit about their interests, likes, dislikes, etc.  This also guides us in our planning and work.  

Karen and I also look forward to getting to know your family, sharing in your child’s education, and working in the classroom with you – this also helps us in working with your child.   A parent cooperative is a partnership – we all work together to help “our” children grow and develop and take pride in each child as if they were our own…..it is an amazing thing!  How great it is for these children to see parents and teachers working together….the true meaning of “it takes a village”.

We encourage you to share your talents, traditions, cultures, ideas and suggestions with us throughout the year.  We hope you enjoy your “Duty Days”.  Make sure to take a few minutes here and there to just watch and listen as your children work and play – they are amazing!  It is so great to observe and witness those “A-ha moments”.   If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions throughout the year please do not hesitate to let us know.  If there is not time during the school day or if things seem too hectic, you are always welcome to call me at home (evenings are best) or e-mail me and I will get back to you promptly.

Our year will begin informally with our Playground Visit.  This will take place at 10 on Tues., Aug. 29th.  We will meet on the school playground for an hour or two to reconnect with old friends and welcome new ones.  The year officially begins with Classroom Visit Day - Wednesday, Sept. 6.  The class will be divided into two sessions to provide a more enjoyable experience for your child and you.  This allows the children a calmer, quieter introduction to the classroom (although some need no introduction!), more room to explore, an opportunity to meet some of their peers and a chance for us to spend time with each child and family.  Children will choose their room cubby, find their hallway coat hook, and explore the classroom centers and materials.  Snack will be available and we’ll have a brief meeting/circle time near the end of the hour to discuss our first day plans and sing a few songs.  (See schedule below for Classroom Visit times – if this time is a problem for you, let me know and I’ll see what we can do to re-arrange it.)  Our first School Day is Friday, Sept. 8thwe all come together with teachers and duty parents from 9 – 12 as we ease into the school year.  Lunch bunch will start the following week on Monday!

Our first weeks will be spent getting to know one another, learning our classroom routine and becoming a community.  Karen and I look forward to seeing the beach treasures the children have collected – I hope they brought you lots of happy moments and warm memories of your time together this summer.  We’ll begin our school year sharing those memories and do some ocean/beach exploration.  We’ll also begin our “All About the Preschoolers” book – we’d like to ask that you send in a page about your child.  It can include photos of the child and family and list his/her favorite color(s), foods, activities, likes/dislikes…..whatever he or she would like to include.  Please make it standard size (8 ½ x11) to fit in a page insert of our book.

School is close at hand, but for now summer beckons and I’m off to savor these last days of fun; enjoy those last precious moments of summer and your children – they’ll never be this age again - and we’ll see you soon!!


Mona and Karen


Preschool Classroom Visit Day

9:00 – 10:15    Abraham, Anne, Bevan, Cameron, Eleanor, Jameson, Meg, Mikey, Sylvie, Thomas

10:45 – 12:00    Audoen, Aviva, Coco, Eamonn, Ethan, Kayla, Silas, Soleil, Theo, Will