Weekly Teacher Emails

Once a week, Mona & Debbie send out emails to the parents of the students in each class. This is a great way for you to see what your kids are doing each day, such as songs they've learned, projects they're working on or stories about their week. Use these emails as a conversation starter or a way of continuing your child's education!  These emails are for education and enjoyment.

Co-President Communications

Occasionally, your co-presidents will send out emails regarding the Co-Op , All-School Meeting agendas, etc. These are business emails and are very important. These emails are Co-op and business related.

"Child's Play Today" Newsletter

Each month, our marketing team sends out a newsletter of school happenings. This will include upcoming events, important dates, deadlines, pictures, etc. Please make sure to read these! These emails are for information and dates.

Social Media

We have a public Facebook page for Child's Play, which includes posts regarding public events, open houses, special events and general public information. We also have a private "parents only" Facebook group page for our current families, as well as a private "alumni" Facebook group page used for alumni relations.

Class Rep Emails

Your class reps will have specific classroom-related requests throughout the school year. These are generally related to duty schedules, holiday parties and special events. These emails are specifically class-related.

Quarterly Newsletter

Four times a year, we share amazing stories from the teachers, parents and students in all of our classes. These emails are broad overviews of the coming months.