Pick Up & Drop Off

Nursery and Preschool Classes

  • Your Assistant Teacher will be stationed on the sidewalk on Stimson Avenue between 8:55 am and 9:05 am.

  • Pull over as far to the right as possible, and get in line behind other waiting vehicles.

  • Put your flashing hazard lights on, and pull forward when your turn comes.

  • We should be able to fit 3 vehicles in front of our playground fence, and 3 more after the church's driveway. Everyone else follows behind, double parking, if necessary.

  • Please, DO NOT get out of your vehicle!

  • If you want to go into the school yourself or walk your child in, you must find a legal parking space first. No double parking and leaving your vehicle, ever.

  • Make sure your child's name card is visible through the far right side of your windshield.

  • The Assistant Teacher will take your child out of their car seat.

  • For pick-up, the children will be brought outside to wait for dismissal.

  • Make sure your child's name card is visible through the far right side of your windshield.

  • Again, stay in your car, your child will be brought to your vehicle.

  • When your child arrives at your vehicle, please exit your vehicle to quickly buckle them in their carseat.

  • Morning dismissal is at 12:00pm. Lunch Bunch participants are dismissed at 1:45pm.

Toddler Class

  • Parents of children in the Toddler Class are asked to park legally, and escort their child to and from class. Please reference our policy noted above for additional information.

  • You may park in any of our 6 loading zone spaces prior to walking your children inside. Please be aware of your time inside and return to your vehicles as soon as possible, so that our Preschool parents have room to pull up, too.

  • Our neighbors are sensitive to the parking and congestion caused during our drop-off and pickup times, so let's be aware of this. Please be courteous when walking along the sidewalks, and keep off their adjacent walls and lawns.


  • Do not park on the left side of Stimson Avenue. Pull as far to the right as possible and leave enough room for traffic to go around you.

  • Do not block anyone's driveway, even slightly, even for one minute. These are our neighbors, let's respect their homes. This includes the church's driveway just before the playground fence.

  • You may park in the School Loading Zone at the corner of Stimson Avenue and Diman Place for up to 15 minutes. However, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Toddler Class uses this loading zone between 8:55 - 9:05 am and again at 11:55 - 12:05pm. Preschool families are not to use the loading zone during these times.

  • If you are a duty parent, give yourself extra time to find a legal parking spot throughout the neighborhood. Do not park in our loading zone, you will get a ticket.

  • Per DCYF regulations, all parents/guardians/caregivers must LEGIBLY sign their child in/out on the provided sign in/out sheet. This form will be brought to you in your car at pick-up/drop-off. If you are walking your child to school, this form will also need to be signed- it is your responsibility to find it before dropping-off/picking up your child

It's almost that time of year again!

Take a moment and familiarize yourself with our drop-off and pick-up procedures on Stimson Avenue.

Posted by Child's Play Toddler, Nursery and Preschool on Wednesday, August 5, 2015