Welcome to the Nursery Class from Debbie


It is hard to imagine that the summer is almost over and the fall
season is around the corner. What a lovely summer this has been! I
hope everyone has been busy collecting good memories and enjoying this
relaxing, slow paced time of year. When it all comes to an end in a
few weeks, I will be eager to get back into that routine and will be
ready for a change of pace. I am looking forward to connecting and
reconnecting with all of you in the classroom and at the playground
meeting. There are many changes and much growing that takes place over
the summer. I am eager to hear and share different experiences with
the children.
 I have had a very fun but busy summer.  I had a great time
vacationing at the Berkshires and spending time with family and
friends. We celebrated my nephew’s engagement and we had our family
reunion. I did my morning runs/walks with my dog Lucky and went to the
beach a few times. Spent a lot of time with my sister relaxing by her
pool.  Also, I did some school work to prepare for this school year.
The summer went by so very quickly and here we are thinking and
planning the start of a new school year. Soon the class rep will be
contacting you about our playground meeting and then it will be time
to finalize our plans for the Classroom Visit and the first day of

All this movement is about the children, of course! Children are on
our minds as we read the class list. We recognize some names and
wonder how much these children will have grown over the summer. We
discover new names and can’t wait to meet these new faces and
personalities. The beginning of the school year is always full of
questions: Who are the children? How will they settle in their new
environment and among each other? How will their personalities, their
curiosity and their interest shape the year together in the Nursery
Class? What new ideas and experiences will the children bring to the

As teachers, our job is to find out about each child’s abilities
through observation and interaction; and then use that knowledge to
support his/her development while allowing the child to advance at
his/her own pace. We give the children opportunity to build on their
particular talents and to gather tools they will need for the school
years ahead. Through play and guidance, each child will have many
opportunities to feel, to discover, to imagine and to create. All of
this will be done with the goal of helping him/her become an
independent learner, enjoy the company of others and develop his/her
knowledge of the world around.

But first, we will start with our playground meeting and then our
classroom visit. During that time, pick up your information packet;
choose a coat cubby with your child and tape a family picture above
it; place your child’s change of clothes on top of the cubby; put your
child’s photo page/drawing in the photo album at the book center;
encourage your child to play with materials (and return them to their
proper places), have a snack, and show your child the bathroom. Open
House gives you and your child a chance to explore the room together,
meet other children and parents, and meet the teachers. The playground
meeting and Classroom Visit helps make the transition of Mom and Dad
leaving that first day run smoothly for most children. If your child
has a difficult time separating, Karen and I will work with you to do
what is best for your child! The Classroom Visit is a busy time! We
will do our best to answer your questions then. Otherwise, do not
hesitate to call me at school or home. Please, always feel free to see
us or call any time you have a question, concern, or a suggestion. We
will end our Classroom Visit with a sing-along. Our first weeks
together will be about making the home/school transitions go smoothly,
getting to know each other, exploring our morning routine and learning
about sharing space with others. Karen and I look forward to working
with you and your child in the classroom on your duty days. Children
and parents working together in the classroom and learning from one
another all along. This makes a positive experience for all involved!
Enjoy the rest of your summer. Love Debbie

Classroom Visit-Wednesday, September 6th
Session1-9:00-10:15-Ronan,Luca, Natalie, Clara, Ada and Harry
Session 2-10:45-12:00-Ava ,Matilda, Lucia ,Nate, Dafne, Jared and Lucian